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Bullion Storage: Your Questions Answered

Bullion StorageBullion Storage Questions: Below are some of the most common questions we get related to gold, silver, and platinum bullion storage:

  1. How is gold superior to investing in currencies and how is it affected by inflation?  Gold is not really an investment, it is money. It is not meant to pay dividends it is meant to be treated like a currency, but at the same time unlike any other currency. Similar to currency which is locked in a vault and not invested gold is not meant to produce a monthly income stream. Governments cannot print more gold and deflate its value, in fact typically gold increases in value as inflation decreases many other currencies.
  2. What are Good Delivery bullion bars?  Good Delivery bars are cast by a small group of metal refiners accredited by the guarantee of 99.5% gold purity or better in everything they produce. With gold and platinum markets you trade based on the pure metal content, so you do not pay for the weight of impurities in any bars purchased. When Good Delivery bars are created they are kept in secure vaults that maintain records of ownership, handling, and transfer so there is an audit trail of what has happened to that bullion since it was first created and stored. Since these industry leading bullion storage handling procedures have been followed there is no need to re-assess the purity of bullion that is bought and stored through our service as we follow Good Delivery standards with our bullion storage services.
  3. Is bullion liquid and can I still sell it whenever I would like to once it is being stored in a secure facility?  Yes, bullion is highly liquid, trades 24 hours a day globally, seven days a week. You should avoid holding bullion in certificates, mutual funds, and ETFs due to lack of liquidity. Our bullion storage service allocates your bullion bars to you by serial number so nobody deals with your bullion without your consent and you can have it delivered or sold at a time of your choice.