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Gold Bullion Vault

Gold Valt StorageGold Bullion Vault Service Quality Questions: To ensure that you are receiving industry best practice or what is referred to as “allocated” gold bullion vault storage services please make sure you ask the following questions before engaging any service provider in the space who may or may not have invested in their own infrastructure to be able to answer yes to every one of the following questions:

  1. Will the gold bullion vault, without having to ask and demand provide you with written confirmation that it has no right to borrow, lease, swap, or deal with your bullion in way without your consent?
  2. Does the gold bullion vault provider provide you detailed monthly statements?
  3. Are all paper records destroyed and are your confidential details stored digitally offline?
  4. Are you allowed to inspect your gold bullion to ensure that what is in the vault matches to your ownership serial numbers on your gold bullion bars?
  5. Are you simply renting space inside of a vault or are they offering a true custodial relationship?
  6. Can you ask for delivery of the gold bullion from the vault at any time of your choosing?
  7. Is the vault owned by a LBMA member?
  8. Is the individual bullion bars matched to the owners by an external auditor?

Many institutional gold bullion vault clients demand the answers to all of these questions be “yes” but many buyers of gold bullion are not controlling billion dollar portfolios but can still benefit from institutional quality gold bullion vault services as long as you are careful about who you do business with. With over $350M in assets under management and administration today, we would like to speak with you about our industry leading gold bullion vault and storage services, please use the form below to start a conversation with our friendly team today.