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Platinum Storage

Platinum StoragePlatinum first started being used in the 1500’s and while investors in the metal are global most of it is mined out of South Africa today.  There are many ways to invest in platinum bullion, but platinum storage services require attention to detail, audit-trails of platinum bullion ownership, secure facilities, and an understanding custodial responsibilities, “good delivery.” Every sophisticated provider of platinum storage solutions should be able to help you navigate these areas and should be able to show you a long track record of service and also take you on an on-site due diligence visit of their platinum storage facilities and office.

Platinum storage services can lend out or trade against the value of your platinum bullion, or keep it under their own balance sheet mixed with other client’s assets. Our service provides protections and a high level of service and transparency than others. We provide a title document that provides you evidence of your title to your platinum, the refiner, fineness, exact weight and serial number of the platinum that is being stored with us. This also secures platinum directly under your ownership, so that if your platinum custodian goes bankrupt it cannot become part of the custodian’s assets and therefore is not subject to any third-party claims. We don’t simply rent space within a vault, we deal with custodians that are responsible for your platinum.

To learn more about what makes us unique we encourage you to reach out so that we can schedule a phone call or in-person due diligence meeting to learn more about your platinum storage and custody needs: