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Private Vault Storage

Private Vault StorageTo ensure you have the best private vault storage service provider here are just a few of the questions you should ask before and explore before signing any agreements:

  1. Do you provide full title documentation on my gold, silver, or platinum bullion?
  2. Does the title include the weight, refiner, owner, purity or fineness, and serial number of the bar?
  3. Do you have flexible an on-demand access, sale, or delivery of the bullion at your discretion without penalty?
  4. Can you get an explicit warrant that there are no, and can be no third party claims against your bullion?
  5. Is the documentation provided to purchase the service and bullion straightforward and easy to understand?
  6. Are there assurance of “Good Delivery” standard of your gold, silver or platinum bullion?

If you would like to see the additional 10 questions you should ask before engaging any group for private vault storage services please reach out to our experienced U.S. and Canada-based team through the contact form below: