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Silver Bullion Vault

Silver Bullion VaultSilver Bullion Vault: Typically serious investors in silver will purchase silver bars or what are often called “monster boxes” which are sets of 500 silver coins. This is because purchasing silver by the coin typically means you are paying a big premium over what can be purchased in bar form, this is why the most sophisticated buyers avoid coin-based investments.

Whether you purchase silver bullion bars or a monster box of silver coins from us or already have silver in your possession we can offer silver bullion vault services that follow dozens of industry best practices in standards including Good Delivery Audit Trails, Allocated storage, monthly administration reporting, custodial relationship level services, external audits, serial-number based tracking systems, and much more. If you would like to explore what has lead us to manage over $350M currently in assets under management and administration please reach out directly using the form below: