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Vault Services

Vault ServicesThe financial collapses of the early 2000′s and especially 2008 have led all types of investors to prefer hard asset, direct investments rather than listed exchange securities, certificates of deposit,  etc. Investors want to know that regardless of terrorist attacks, a world war, or Ebola outbreak that their investments will be preserved and will hold value. Many of the world’s wealthiest families are reallocating billions of dollars out of stock market equities and are investing in things such as apartment buildings, gold and silver bullion bars, and directly into privately held companies instead of buying a shares of a publicly traded company.

This has led to an increase in demand for vault services for those looking to securely store their gold, silver, or platinum bullion. This is a niche service offering however most clients are not familiar with the differences between compromised and un-compromised gold, custody chains, tax implications of bullion, or even where to buy bullion bars. This is why our 11 member team provides education on nuances of gold ownership, insurance and allocated storage, while also providing our clients with the benefits of using industry-leading quality controls, audit-trails of gold ownership , and assurance of quality and purity on the gold bullion that is purchased and stored Please explore our site further or use the form below to contact us to learn more about our vault services and how we could serve you and your family’s or institution’s portfolio.

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